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My approach

We deserve a representative who will fight for the interests of our neighborhoods, not someone whose day job compels him to recuse himself on major issues.

Having spent much of my career as a social entrepreneur, sustainable transportation advocate, and socially responsible investor, I have the skills to reform our city budget and planning processes to prioritize the health and safety of children, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

My priorities

We deserve a representative who supports bold ideas, like fighting Cox Cable’s broadband monopoly.

We deserve a representative who will reinvigorate State Street by turning part of it into a pedestrian mall and encouraging new mixed-use housing in the commercial core. We deserve a representative who supports food trucks.

District 6 residents deserve a voice

I will tirelessly pursue a train system linked to Ventura and I will stop outmoded projects that increase traffic on local streets.

I am an expert on bikesharing and home-sharing and proudly support such innovative and community enhancing business models.

I am a renter and Realtor who knows how to fight for lower rents and Tenants’ Rights.

No plans to run for higher office

Santa Barbara’s Downtown District deserves a representative who will be singularly focused on the interests of the district and city, not running for County Supervisor or other higher offices. The challenges at hand require a councilperson who is committed to serving a complete 4-year term.

I pledge to do so.

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